Logo Design & Branding Anne Arundel County Maryland What is Logo Design? ­ A logo is for identification purposes. It identifies a business in its simplest form by the use of a mark, symbol, or icon. What is Branding? ­ The perception of the corporate image as a whole. What is Branding Identity? ­ The visual aspects that form a piece of the overall brand. The following breaks down each in detail for clarification purposes: Logo Design: ● A logo is an integral part of all three. ● Logos symbolize the quality of the product or services yet it rarely describes a business. ● A logo is not your brand or identity. ● Staying power: make it really difficult for people to forget ● Your logo represents the face of your company. ● Creates a professional appearance ● It presents your business in a fresh and modern way ● Relays your sense of style by conveying to your clients that you care about presentation ● It shows your love for your businessBranding: ● Describes an organization, service or product with personality ● Branding is shaped by perceptions of the targeted audience ● The designer forms the foundation of your brand ● The brand is your corporate image ● Every service or product should reflect values and aims of your business as a whole ● The core goal of the company ● What the business believes in and why it exists ● It is NOT just different colors, fancy fonts, logos or even a slogan Brand Identity: ● Brand Identity involves visual devices ● It’s usually assembled within a set of guidelines ● Brand Identity is applied via a variety of mediums ● Uses color palettes, fonts, layouts and measurements ● The identity is kept coherent and allows the brand to be recognizable ● Visual devices include the logo ­ the symbol of the entire identity and brand ● Print Literature ­ Business cards, letterheads, envelopes, etc. if called for ● Includes flyers, brochures , books, websites, etc. ● Packaging the product comes in ● Apparel design if called for ● Messages conveyed by indirect or direct modes of communication ● Other forms of communication if necessary ● Anything visual that represents the business As you can see, logo design, branding, and brand identity work in tandem. You can’t develop one without the other. Cuckhoo specializes in building your business model. Don’t hesitate and Request A Quote Now by clicking the button below.