JES John's Electrical Services Available in Anne Arundel County.

New Home Wiring Building a new home can be the most exciting and most stressful time in someone’s life. We understand that choosing flooring is more exciting than wiring a new home, but think about everything that proper wiring serves in your life. Be sure to invest in a quality new home wiring service in order to make sure your outlets are properly spaced, your lighting is desirable, and your home is ready to serve modern technology and electronics. When we wire a new home we consider both form and function down to the last detail which results in the safest, most beautiful results. You can appreciate quality home wiring for the remainder of your life.

Meter Enclosure Repairs Meter boxes monitor the electricity used by your home. When a meter box malfunctions, it can provide inaccurate information regarding your energy usage. This can affect your bill and perceived electrical output. JES offers meter repairs to homes that are experiencing this issue. Meter box repairs are a more economical solution to meter box replacement and a service with which we have much experience.

Remodeling & Construction Remodeling a home can be a fulfilling experience. Perhaps you’ve saved up for the construction for years or you’ve decided to upgrade your current home instead of moving, you need the results to be fantastic. JES offers electrical repair, rewiring, and installation for all of your home construction projects. Dealing with the electrical work during construction by yourself can be risky and dangerous, it’s important to have a professional on-hand to minimize any problems now or in the future. JES can also make recommendations to improve the current electrical experience of your home by incorporating changes during your remodel. Call us today to learn how important it is for you to involve experienced electrical professionals during your construction project.

Panel Repairs and Circuit Breaker Replacements Electrical circuit overloads can happen when the amount of amperage to be transferred across an electrical wire is too much for the circuit. This can be caused by any number of reasons including loose or corroded wires and faulty connections. Moreover, the circuits can just be overloaded by the technology you’re using.

Think about everything that uses energy in your home: From the toaster to the television to the phone chargers, it takes a lot to keep your home powered up. Even more importantly, old circuits can find it difficult to serve new technology. The high-powered devices that define modern technology are often too much for outdated electrical circuits.

In order to prevent overload, we recommend full upgrades. Our upgrade process results in giving your entire home the necessary electrical capacity for a fully-functioning, safe experience. This service prevents house fires as well as the inconvenience of a poorly functioning system. We’re ready to improve your safety and efficiency when you are, call us.

How can you keep your circuit breaker from having problems? Circuit breakers, if working correctly, protect circuits from direct shorts, overloading or overworking. If your circuit breaker trips, you need to ask yourself if you could be overworking the circuit. Is there an electric heater plugged in, or a hair dryer, or another heavy usage item? A given circuit may only be rated for 1800 watts and if you plug in a 1500 watt hair dryer, this does not leave much room for any other items to be used on the circuit. Call for more to schedule a consultation appointment.

Back Up Power Systems Generators are useful in so many situations. Power outages can last for minutes, days, or weeks, and backup power can be the only way to provide food, convenience, and safety to your loved ones. At JES, we can help integrate your backup power system with your primary home panel. We’ll perform a full analysis to provide you with the best solution to meet form and function needs in your household. We offer generator sales, installation, maintenance, and full service and repairs.

Lighting Repairs we can install, repair, or upgrade the lightings and ceiling fans in your entire home. Lighting and fans should be as functional as they are beautiful and we can help to highlight the features you like in your house. We offer the following lighting and fan services:

Timer installation Dimmer switch installation GFI devices Can or recessed lighting Security lighting outside the home Surge protection Attic fans Bathroom fans Paddle fans Motion detectors Photo cells If you’re interested in one or more of our lighting and fan services, call us today to learn more.

Phone, TV, & Computer Cabling We’ve all been there: The internet isn’t working. We get a text from our friend telling us our landline is down. The power is on, but our television refuses to work properly. Doesn’t it always seem to happen when we need technology the most? We have an internet outage during an important email exchange. Our television freezes at halftime of the Super Bowl. Regardless of timing, these problems can be extremely frustrating. JES Electric can enhance your technological experience by improving all of the cabling that powers these important functions. A modern home should have properly functioning internet and cable in order to provide efficient electrical usage. Let JES take care of your most frustrating electrical problems in your home today.

Hot Tubs, Pools, & Outdoor Wiring Enjoying the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Some of our best outdoor experiences involve electricity, whether it’s to light the perfect patio or to provide heat for your well-deserved hot tub soak at the end of the day. Outdoor electricity can be even more difficult to install and reroute than indoor electricity. When upgrading, repairing, or installing outdoor wiring, trust only the most professional experts.

The team members at JES have been working on outdoor electric work for decades. Our professional, knowledgeable approach can meet all of your demands for the perfect outdoor experience. Call us today for more information about our services for hot tubs, pools, and outdoor electrical equipment.

Surge Protection Power surges occur when an increase of voltage surpasses the standard designated flow of electricity. When this happens, the wiring can overheat and begin to burn. This is most common in equipment that are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Computers, microwaves, stereo systems, and televisions are susceptible to power surges and protection is recommended.

You may think your home is just naturally protected from power surges, but often, toggling the power on any large appliances can cause a surge. Other causes of power surges include power outages, down power lines, and faulty wiring. If you haven’t installed a surge protection system next to your electric panel, the time to do it is now. Between natural disasters, storms, and changing technology, surge protection is a worthy investment.

JES Electric offers surge protection for the whole home and specific areas. We most adamantly recommend whole home protection, as it is the best way to ensure overall safety from power surges. If you’re using simple surge suppressors or not protecting your home from power surges at all, call us today to learn more.

Electric Car Charger we install and maintain electric car chargers. We think electric cars are a great way to save time, money, and inefficient waste when compared to fueling your car with gasoline. With our electric car charger service, you can have the convenience of waking up to a fully-charged vehicle each and every morning. Hire a trusted electrician, like us, to install your electric car charger. It’s important that the person doing the installation is familiar with entire home wiring and what may have to change to accommodate the installation. We’ll install it in the perfect location to make charging convenient for you, without sacrificing any energy efficiency in your entire home.