Internet Reputation Management Anne Arundel County Maryland Overall, internet reputation management is your business’s responsibility to make a good impression when someone searches for your small business online. Internet Reputation Management refers to the influence and control on an individual's or business's reputation. Originally a public relations term, the expansion of the internet and social media, along with reputation management companies, have made it primarily an issue of search results. Online reputation management is primarily concerned with managing the results on websites that evaluate products and services and make recommendations and referrals. Reputation management is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information. Specifically, reputation management aims on monitoring the reputation of an individual or a brand on the internet. They address content which is potentially damaging to it, and uses customer feedback or early warning signals to rectify reputation problems. Most of reputation management is focused on pushing down negative search results. Under business circumstances, reputation management may attempt to bridge the gap between how a company perceives itself and how others view it. Some facts about internet reputation include the following: ● 86% of online U.S. adults have used a search engine like Google to find more ● 75% of online U.S. adults have searched their own name in a search engine. Of those ● Nearly a third (31%) of online U.S. adults searches politicians. Of those that did, over half ● 42% of U.S. adults have searched someone before doing business with them. Of those ● Almost half (43%) of online U.S. adults have searched a potential date, significant other, information about another person that searched their own name, almost half (48%) said most of the search results about them are not positive. Nearly a third (30%) said nothing shows up about them at all. said the search influenced their voting decision that did, 45% have found something that made them decide not to do business with them or ex­boyfriend/girlfriend. Romantic searches are one of the most common searches among U.S. adults. Some examples of websites where a company may conduct reputation management is the feedback system on eBay and Wikipedia. Google or any searching engine used is a primary target of reputation management efforts. Cuckhoo utilizes several means to maintain internet reputation management: ● Conduct a review of the existing reputation of your business. ● Compare other similar websites and their reputation. ● Possibly adopting the same methods as other successful companies to boost your business’s reputation. ● Implementing different strategies that are currently not in place such as social media accounts ● Continues to maintain and review your company’s online reputation and adjust strategies as needed. Cuckhoo is dedicated to enhancing and improving your business’s reputation to draw more customers to your company. We implement several strategies that have proven to be successful.